The basic application of polyacrylamide as dispersant in Papermaking

Classification:Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.:9003/5/8
Other Names:PAM
Usage:Water Treatment Chemicals
Molecular weight:3-18Million
Degree of hydrolysis:0-5%
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CAS number 9003/5/8
Alias PAM
Purity 99.90%
Country of origin Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Type Adsorbent
Application area Water Treatment Chemicals
Brand Henan ROBOM
Product appearance White particles
Molecular weight 3-18Million
Degree of hydrolysis 0-5%
Solid content > = 90%
Acidity and alkalinity 4-12
Dissolution time <= 60Minute
Application Water treatment



Technical indicators:


molecular weight (ten thousand)

Ionic degree (%)


Solid content %

Residual order %


Cationic polyacrylamide






White granular powder

Anionic polyacrylamide






White granular powder

Nonionic polyacrylamide






White granular powder


III. precautions for product selection:

1.the selection of flocculant must fully consider the requirements of process and equipment.

2.the strength of floc can be improved by increasing the molecular weight of flocculant.

3.the charge value of flocculant must be selected by experiment.

Climate change (temperature) affects the selection of flocculant.

4.the molecular weight of the flocculant shall be selected according to the floc size required by the treatment process.

5.the flocculant must be fully mixed and dissolved with the sludge before treatment.

Performance characteristics:1. There are positive genes in polyacrylamide molecule, which has strong flocculating ability, low dosage and obvious treatment effect.2. It has good solubility and high activity. The alum flower formed by condensation in water body is large, settling is fast, and its purification capacity is 2-3 times larger than that of other polymers.3. Strong adaptability is little affected by pH value and temperature of water body. After purification of raw water, it reaches the national standard for drinking water. After treatment, the suspended particles in the water reach the purpose of flocculation and clarification, which is conducive to ion exchange treatment and preparation of high-purity water.4. It is less corrosive and easy to operate, which can improve the labor intensity and working conditions of the dosing process.

Application scope of polyacrylamide:Polyacrylamide molecule has a positive gene (- CONH2), which can absorb and bridge suspended particles dispersed in the solution, and has a strong flocculation effect. It can accelerate the sedimentation of particles in the suspension, accelerate the clarification of the solution, promote filtration and other effects, so it is widely used in water treatment and electric power, mining, coal preparation, asbestos products, petrochemical industry, paper making. , textile, sugar, medicine, environmental protection, etc.

Application scope of polyacrylamide:1. As a flocculant, it is mainly used in industrial solid-liquid separation process, including sedimentation, clarification, concentration, sludge dehydration and other processes. The main industries applied are: urban sewage treatment, paper industry, food processing industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgy industry, beneficiation industry, dyeing industry, sugar industry and various industrial wastewater treatment. It is used in sludge precipitation and sludge dehydration in the treatment of municipal sewage, meat, poultry and food processing wastewater. Through the neutralization of the positive charge group contained in the sludge to the negative charge organic colloid and the excellent bridging and coagulating function of polymer, the colloidal particles are aggregated into large floccules and separated from their suspensions. The effect is obvious and the dosage is small.2. It can be used as paper dry strength agent, retention agent and filter aid in papermaking industry, which can greatly improve the quality of paper, save costs and improve the production capacity of papermaking plant. It can directly bridge with inorganic salt ions, fibers and other organic polymers to enhance the physical strength of paper, reduce the loss of fibers or fillers, speed up water filtration, play the role of strengthening, retention and filtration, and can also be used for white water treatment, at the same time, it can play an obvious flocculation effect in the deinking process.3. In the fiber slurry (asbestos cement products), the drainage property of the formed asbestos cement products can be improved, and the strength of the asbestos board blank can be improved; in the insulating board, the combination ability of the additive and the fiber can be improved.4. It can be used as clarifier of mine wastewater and coal washing wastewater in mining and coal preparation industries.5. It can be used for the treatment of dyeing wastewater, leather wastewater and oily wastewater, so as to remove turbidity and decolorization, so as to meet the discharge standard.6. In phosphoric acid purification, it is helpful for the separation of gypsum in wet process phosphoric acid process.7. Flocculant for water treatment of waterworks with river water source.