PAC for water treatment / textile chemical / chemical industry PAC

Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.:1327-41-9
Other Names:poly aluminium chloride
EINECS No.:215-477-2
Purity:27-29% AL2O3
Usage:Textile Auxiliary Agents, Water Treatment Chemicals, chemical industry
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PAC compared with other coagulants, it has the following advantages: a wide range of applications, adapt aqueous extensive. Easy to quickly form large alum, precipitation good performance. Suitable for a wide range of PH value (5-9 rooms), and the treated water after PH value and alkalinity decrease little. Water temperature is low, you can still maintain a stable sedimentation effect. Alkalized degree than other aluminum, iron high erosion of the smaller device.

Product  specification:

Specification Analysis Results
Al2O3% 27%-29%
Basicity% 60-90
PH (1% aqueous solution) 3.5-5.0
Water insoluble % 1.0max
Nitrogen ≤0.01
(As)/% 0.0002
(Pb)/% 0.001
(Cd)/% 0.0002
(Hg)/% 0.00001
(Cr+6)/% 0.0005

Product  usage:

water treatment /textile chemical /chemical industry (PAC)

Exclusive  feature:

1,Highly stable.
2,Low impurities.
3,Availability in both Liquid & Powder form.

Our advantage:

1.Our local rich bauxite and aluminum industry is relatively developed,this provides us rich raw materials with best price and good quality.

2.We have the advanced equipment,such as Plate and frame filter production is far larger than the old drum filter,to keep our daily capacity up to 100mt.

3.we also have advanced Organic heat transfer material heaters and Sorted stock bin,it can effective reduce the impurity and Improve the purity..