Industrial Chemical Water Treatment Chemicals Anionic Polyacrylamide APAM

Classification:Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.:9003-5-8
Other Names:APAM
MF:(C3H5NO) n
EINECS No.:260-073-1
Purity:More than 88%
Usage:Paper Chemicals, Petroleum Additives, Textile Auxiliary Agents, Water Treatment Chemicals
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PH value 7.0-14.0
Product shape Fine particles or powder solids
Smell Odorless
Toxicity Non-toxic
Corrosive No corrosion
Effective component (purity)% ≥88
Product usage The PH of water is neutral or alkaline
Level Industrial grade
Water% ≤10
Ionized anion
Residual monomer% <0.5
Degree of hydrolysis 20-30
Charge density mole% 10-40
Molecular weight (ten thousand) 500-2000
Thermal stability Easily decomposed over 120 degrees centigrade
Storage method When storing the attention to heat, moisture,
stacking layers of not more than 20 layers.
Quality guarantee period The effective storage period is 2 years.


 1. Q: What is the brand of company?

A: It is same as our company name “C trust”, and in Chinese called “window of heart”, that meaning once discuss, place order and cooperation with us, you will see heart of trust.

2. Q: How about the price & quality of chemical additives?

A: We have our own factory that mainly in chemical additives been 14 years, to ensure competitive price and monitor quality, meanwhile have a team for online tracking service, please rest your heart to purchase.

3. Q: How about the price & quality of other products?

A: We would get goods from relatives or friends, price no middle profit and quality detected by us as well, meanwhile have a team for offline tracking service, please rest your heart purchase too.

4. Q: Is that possible custom products specification, package and delivery mode and so on by customer?

A: Of course no problem! As long as the requires within our capacity range, sure can be realize.

5. Q: Which payment terms for selection?

A: in general is T/T. if there is necessary, under certain conditions can also support L/C, Trade assurance etc.