High purity Polyaluminium chloride PAC 30% supplier in industrial use chemical flocculant

Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.:1327-41-9
Other Names:Polymeric Chloride Aluminum
EINECS No.:215-477-2
Type:Flocculant /Coagulant
Usage:Water Treatment Chemicals
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Product introduction

Potable water grade polyaluminium chloride products are divided into solid and liquid, solid is light yellow powder, liquid is yellow or light yellow.Polyaluminium chloride is also commonly known as a water purifier or coagulant, polyaluminium for short and PAC for short.

Application field

Widely used in drinking water, city water supply, industrial water and industrial wastewater treatment, the product use waters wide, is the present domestic water, industrial water treatment in the most widely used flocculating agent.

Product advantages

1. The drinking water grade PAC produced by the company adopts the domestic spray drying technology. The product has the characteristics of fine powder, uniform granule and easy to dissolve in water.

2. The product has good stability, can adapt to wide water area, fast hydrolysis speed, strong adsorption capacity, large alum flowers, fast precipitation, low turbidity of effluent, and good dehydration performance.

3. The product has a small amount of investment and relatively low cost. After purification, the water quality is better than aluminum sulfate coagulant, and the water purification cost is 15-30% lower than that of aluminum sulfate coagulant.

Method of use

1. According to different conditions of raw water, the best dosage can be obtained by taking a small test before use.

Generally, the output is 1-15kg / 1000 tons of water for solid products and 3-40kg / 1000 tons of water for liquid products.The specific amount of investment is determined by the actual experimental amount of the user.

2. The dosage should be added according to the optimal dosage obtained in the small test, and attention should be paid to the observation and adjustment during the operation.If the alum flowers in the sedimentation tank are small and the remaining turbidity is large, the dosage is too small.If alum flowers in the sedimentation tank are large and upturned, and the remaining turbidity is high, the dosage is too large,the dosage should be adjusted appropriately.

 Matters needing attention 

1. This product is prohibited to be mixed with other chemicals, transported and stored. The product should be stored in a dry, ventilated and cool place indoors.

2. Product effective storage period: liquid for 6 months and solid for 12 months.Solid products can still be used when wet.

3. Plastic woven bag for external use, plastic film set for internal use, specification: 25kg/ bag.