Free samples nonionic polyacrylamide pam

Classification:Chemical Auxiliary Agent, Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.:9003-05-8
Other Names:non-ionic polyacrylamide
MF:(C3H5NO)n, (C3H5NO)n
EINECS No.:231-673-0
Usage:Coating Auxiliary Agents, Paper Chemicals
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Nonionic polyacrylamide (NPAM) is a water soluble high molecular weight, low ionic linear polymer. Nonionic polyacrylamide (NPAM) has a very obvious effect of speeding up solution clarification and promoting filtration. Nonionic polyacrylamide (NPAM) is widely used in coal mine washing, textile industry additives, weak acid sewage treatment, metallurgical beneficiation, chemical grouting, soil moisturizers, etc.


Product Application

1. Coal mine washing; it can be used for centrifugal sharing of coal washing tailings. It can be used in the precipitation and filtration of coal powder and slime to increase the recovery rate of coal powder and increase the filtration rate, and increase the water circulation rate.

2, textile auxiliaries; add some other chemicals can be formulated into chemical sizing, used for textile sizing, can improve the adhesion, permeability and desizing performance, so that the fabric has spinning electrostatic, reduce sizing rate, reduce the amount of pulp Spot, cloth machine break rate and falling objects.

3, sewage treatment; when the sewage system is acidic, the non-ionic series of polyacrylamide is suitable, and the inorganic flocculant polyaluminum, aluminum sulfate and the like, the effect is better in water treatment.

4, metallurgical beneficiation; such as zinc, manganese, copper ore flotation and smelting, its leachate and residue can be incorporated into PAM, improve sharing efficiency.

5, sand prevention and sand fixation; nonionic polyacrylamide dissolved into 0.3% concentration of cross-linking agent, sprayed on the desert to prevent sand and sand.

6. Chemical grouting agent; it can be used as a chemical grouting agent for water blocking of dams, foundations, tunnels, etc. with 9.5 parts of nonionic polyacrylamide plus 0.5 parts of NN–forked bisacrylamide.

7, soil moisturizer; in the soil to keep water and sand. Planting grass on the hillside, planting trees, and sand-fixing sand can act as a moisturizer.


TypeMolecular weight (Ten thousand)Solid content(%)Degree of hydrolysis(%)Ratio concentrationResidual monomer