Factory direct sales Industrial grade PAC as water treatment chemical

Classification:Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.:1327-41-9
Other Names:PAC
EINECS No.:215-477-2
Purity:100 %
Adsorbent Variety:Molecular Sieve
Usage:Rubber Auxiliary Agents, Textile Auxiliary Agents
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Polyaluminium chloride (PAC) has the properties of adsorption, condensation and precipitation. It has poor stability and corrosiveness. If it splashes on the skin, it should be washed with water immediately. Producers should wear overalls, masks, gloves and long rubber boots. Polyaluminium chloride has the advantages of good stability in spray drying, wide adaptation to the water area, fast hydrolysis speed, strong adsorption capacity, large alum forming, high quality and fast sedimentation, low turbidity and good dewatering performance. Spray drying products can ensure safety and reduce water accidents. It is very safe and reliable for drinking water. Therefore, poly aluminum chloride is also referred to as highly effective polyaluminum chloride, highly efficient PAC or highly efficient spray drying polyaluminium chloride. Polyaluminium chloride is suitable for raw water with various turbidities, and its pH is widely applicable. However, compared with polyacrylamide, its sedimentation effect is far inferior to that of polyacrylamide. 

White poly aluminum chloride is known as high purity iron free white polyaluminum chloride or food grade white polymeric aluminum chloride. Compared with its polyaluminum chloride, it is the highest quality product. The main raw materials are high quality aluminum hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. The production technology is the most advanced spray drying technology in the country. White polyaluminium chloride is used in paper sizing agent, sugar decolorization clarifier, tanning, medicine, cosmetics, precision casting and water treatment, etc. 

Production Detials

PH ( aqueous solution)3.5-5.0%
Water insoluble<=1.0%