Chemicals Water Treatment Application of polyaluminium chloride pac 30% cheap price in industrial

Classification:Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.:1327-41-9
Other Names:PAC
Adsorbent Variety:other
Usage:Water Treatment Chemicals
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CAS number 1327-41-9
Alias PAC
Purity 30%
Country of origin Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Type Adsorbent
Application area Water Treatment Chemicals
Brand Henan ROBOM
Product appearance Yellow granules
Content 24-30
Water insoluble matter 1.0-1.5
PH value 3.5-5.0
Basicity 40-90
Dissolution time <= 30Minute
Application Water treatment


Technical indicators:

Index name


First Grade

Drinking water %

Non drinking water %

alumina (AL2O3) mass fraction/%≥






density (20oC)/(g/cm3) ≥



Mass fraction of water insolubles /% ≤



PH(1% aqueous solution)



arsenic (As) mass fraction /% ≤



lead (Pb) mass fraction /% ≤



cadmium (Cd) mass fraction /% ≤



mercury (Hg) mass fraction /% ≤



Six valence chromium(Cr+6) mass fraction /% ≤



Note:for arsenic,lead,cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium listed in the liquid products in the table, when the alumina content is more than 10.0%, it shall be converted into 10.0% alumina products according to the actual content, and various magazine indexes shall be calculated.


III. precautions and dosage

1. According to the different conditions of raw water, a small test can be conducted to obtain the dosage before use. In order to facilitate the calculation, it is generally better to mix 2-5% of the solution in the small-scale test according to the weight ratio. If 3% solution is prepared: weigh 3G of polyaluminium chloride solid, put it into a 200ml washing measuring cylinder, add about 50ml of clear water, add water to dilute to 100ml scale after dissolving, and shake well.

2. For production, it can be mixed and dissolved according to the weight ratio of PACl solid: clear water = 1:9 to 1:15 (liquid products use 1:2 to 1:5). The solution with alumina content less than 1% is easy to hydrolyze, which will reduce the use effect, and the solution with too high concentration is not easy to be added evenly.

3. Add the medicine according to the best dosage obtained from the small test, and pay attention to the observation and adjustment during the operation. If the alum in the sedimentation tank is small and the residual turbidity is large, the dosage is too small; if the alum in the sedimentation tank is large and turned up, and the residual turbidity is high, the dosage is too large, which should be adjusted appropriately.

4. The dosing facilities shall be anticorrosive. This product is applicable to all water treatment facilities.

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Properties of polyaluminium chloride

1. Wide range of application and wide adaptability to water.2. It is easy to form large alum flowers quickly and has good precipitability. The flocculate formed by coagulation reaction is coarse, not easy to be broken, has good recondensability, fast settling speed, good filtration of settling water, strong compressibility of sediment, and easy to dehydrate. The water quality after purification is better than inorganic coagulant such as aluminum sulfate, and the cost of water purification is 15-30% lower than that.3. Due to the rapid coagulation reaction, strong neutralization and destabilization force, long molecular chain link and rapid bridging, the product can overcome the difficulties of low temperature and low turbidity water treatment.4. The suitable range of pH value is wide (5-9), and the pH value and alkalinity of treated water decrease little.5. When the water temperature is low, it can still maintain a stable precipitation effect.6. Its alkalinity is higher than other aluminum and iron salts, and it is easy to dissolve in water, convenient to use and stable in quality. The solubility is better than aluminum sulfate, and the corrosion to equipment is small.7. The flocs produced by this product are in network shape and have large specific surface area, so it has strong adsorption and removal effect on iron, fluorine, arsenic and bacteria in water.