Antioxidant PBN(D)

Type:Antioxidant PBN(D)
CAS NO:135-88-6
Applications:It is suitable for natural rubber; synthetic rubber common use antioxidant.
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Chemical nameN-Phenyl-β-Naphthylamine

Molecular formulaC16H13
Molecular structure: 

Molecular weight:219.29    
CAS NO.:135-88-6
Executive standard:Q/12HG 4521-2001

Appearance:Light gray or brown powder
Soften Point,0oC                      ≥105.0
Loss on drying,%                  ≤0.20
Ash,%                                ≤0.20
Screen residue (100meshes),% ≤                     0.2
phenyl amine contentNo blue and purple reaction by testing
Magnet object content ,%                 ≤0.008

Properties: Light gray powder, the temperature of 108 ° C, the boiling point of 395.5 ° C, the relative density of 1.18.  Extreme soluble acetone, ethyl acetate, methyl chloride, benzene, carbon disulfide, soluble in alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, is not soluble in water and petrol. Exposure to the air and sunlight will gradually become red ash.

Applications: The product is mainly used for natural and synthetic. Used in tyres, rubber belts, rubber shoes and so on.

Packing: Polypropylene knitted bags lined with polyethylene bags.Net weight 25kg per bag.

Properties: The product should be stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation . The product should be avoid hot sunshine.