CAS NO:101-72-4
Applications:Wide application.It can be used in natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex.
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Chemical Name: N-isopropyl-N’-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine

Molecular Formula :C15H18N2

Molecular structure:

Molecular Weight: 226.32

CAS NO.:101-72-4

Executive standard:GB/T8828-2003   


Acceptable end-product
AppearanceDark brown to purple brown granules
Soften Point,oC                       ≥70.0
Loss on drying,%                  ≤0.30
Ash,%                                       ≤0.20
Assay(GC),%                 ≥95.0

Properties:  Dark brown to purple brown granules. density of 1.14 soluble oils, benzene, ethyl acetate ,carbon disulfide and ethanol ,gasoline South soluble, not water soluble. Provides powerful and antioxidant properties with excellent high temperature and flex resistance to rubber compounds.

Applications: include the use in pneumatic, an antioxidant for natural rubber and many kinds of synthetic rubber, especially for the prevention of thermal deterioration on NBR. These goods can be used in heated vessels and the Torrid Zone.

Packing : Packed in 20kg or 25kg per bags.

Properties: The product should be stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation. The product should be avoid hot sunshine.